Working with me

So you're looking to do something a little different- you want your day to be a reflection of you and your partner... less traditions and more things that light your soul on fire! Insert me- you're new best friend! Let me help you pull it all together. I'll be your hype girl from start to finish - I'll help you turn those dreams into a reality and capture it in a way that you'll cherish forever. My approach to wedding photography is less about the perfect pose and more about the perfect moment - an embrace, wiping a tear away, a glance across a room... those intimate moments that you can feel through a photograph.

I'm awkward and uncomfortable in front of the camera too - so let me help you loosen up and feel comfortable. The key to good photographs is trust and vulnerability, and I want you to feel like you can trust me like you would a friend. The goal is for you to have so much fun you forget I'm even there! Let's make some magic together and give you something that you will cherish forever.


Oh hey friend- I'm Jess- a Windsor and SW Ontario wedding photographer!

  • I was born in Sarnia Ontario - and I spend a lot of time there visiting my favourite person ever - my Grandma!
  • I am a wife and an animal mom - we just bought a farm (dream come true, omg!) and we have 5 dogs, 3 horses, 3 house cats and a barn cat! I know, WILD!
  • My wife Courtney and I are high school sweethearts - we got married on the day of our 10th anniversary!
  • FRIENDS is my all time favourite show. I have watched the series through more times than I would like to admit. The office is a close second (I share office memes with my team all day long!)
  • I am extremely passionate about mental health; I am pretty loud about the importance of caring for our minds.
  • I'm a queer woman who's lived in a fat body my whole life - both pieces of my identity I am proud of and speak a lot about in terms of self love and acceptance.
  • My go to coffee order is a Vanilla Latte - iced or hot depending on my mood and the weather, of course. Buying an espresso machine has pretty much changed my life!

I love my family and friends fiercely. Meeting new people is a part of why I love this job so much. I cannot WAIT to get to know you and learn about your love story!