Your love is special. Your story is important. You're looking for a photographer who you'll hit it off with, who will fall in love with your story, and will share it authentically.

You beat to the sound of your own drum. You're looking for a photographer who "gets you" and can help bring your vision to life.

You want to look back at your photos and remember the feeling. You're looking for a photographer who's going to capture the in-between moments that you'll cherish forever.

Hey friend, i'm jess!

I'm a Windsor and Southwestern Ontario Wedding Photographer, capturing intimate weddings and elopements. I'm a sucker for a love story - romantic, familial, platonic, self... all of it! I'm here to capture your story in a way that sets your soul on fire, that gives you goose bumps, that leaves you speechless. It deserves to be told in a way that speaks to how incredible it truly is!

I am a wife and dog mom. I'm fat and queer, and I know representation matters. I'm diversifying the wedding photography industry one beautiful celebration of love at a time.

Lets chat about your story!


First Time Mama

“Jess captured me with an artistic eye, turning ordinary scenes into extraordinary memories. Highly recommend.”

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